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Shopping on a budget with Julie D’Uva from Seven Dollar Pants | DEALUXE.CA
Purchase well made staple items that can be worn for multiple events.
Invest in a classic black leather bag. You can’t help but feel polished and professional carrying one, and it will last for years, so I encourage you to splurge!
Get creative with accessories to change your look each season. You’ll be surprised at how a new belt, earrings, scarf, or hat can change your whole outfit.
Stretch the season. Wear spring dresses into the fall by adding layers and tights underneath.
Take note of what’s in your closet and think twice before you purchase something new.
Striped Loose Sweater
Dead Poet's Society Blouse
Waxed Legacy Skinny
Cat Eye Sunglasses
Market Scarf
Carina Bootie
Tuxedo Jacket
Waxed Legacy Skinny
Society Single Drop Earring
Fessup Bootie
Laptop/Oversize Clutch